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Art Boss in Italy

Ciao from Italy...   Photo: Lido dell Sirene, Italy - taken by me I'm uploading more pics to Instagram as we speak! As promised I shot you a quick video while I was in Italy. Well, actually a longish one edited down to 3 short … [Read more]

17 Dave Matthews – How to switch gears + un-niche yourself

Ok, so we've all heard how critically important it is to define a niche for ourselves and become branded as an expert in a particular field. When people think of custom jewelry, or contemporary interior design, or large scale abstract acrylics or … [Read more]

16 Philippe Starck – How to Charge a Premium for Your Creative Work

Premium pricing is a topic we creatives tend to shy away from. We're not in it for the money after all. Creativity is all about passion and expression. True. But if you want to make art or design or any other creative endeavor, your career you'll … [Read more]

15 Edvard Munch – Why Crazy Sells + How to Package it

So being a holiday weekend, I'm keeping things short and sweet. All the good stuff is in the vid, but if cliff notes are your thing, here you go: 1. Edvard Munch has a moment of dark inspiration and paints a picture of someone screaming 2. It … [Read more]

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